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Automobiles, formerly called motorcars, are four-wheeled, wheeled vehicles that use an internal combustion engine powered most often by gasoline but also by other fuels. A major driver of the economy, a robust automobile industry supports tens of millions of American jobs.

A major consumer of ancillary industries, such as steel and petroleum, the automobile was the driving force behind modernization in twentieth century America. It enabled people to shop in towns and cities, rural dwellers to rediscover pristine landscapes and urban residents to take vacations. It introduced teens to new freedoms and facilitated relaxed sexual attitudes. But it also caused pollution, congestion, road accidents and fatalities, leading to calls for licensure and safety regulations.

Today’s automobiles are the products of extensive research and development, with advanced technologies that make them safer, more fuel-efficient, smarter and sleeker than ever before. In addition, the automobile industry is constantly evolving to address changing social and environmental needs, as well as customer demands for new features and capabilities.

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