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Automobiles are self-moving land vehicles that usually have four wheels and an engine to make them move. They are usually used to transport passengers. They are also used in many industrial applications.

Auto-mobility is a key feature of modern life and has several advantages. It enables individuals to live in different places, work in other countries, and travel long distances with ease.

In the 1800s, automobiles were invented and perfected in Europe, but in the 20th century the United States took over as the leading carmaker. Henry Ford, in particular, innovated mass-production techniques that became the standard of the industry.

Automotive production soared after World War II. European and Asian automobile manufacturers joined forces to meet the growing demand. By 1980, automobiles had become a shared global enterprise.

The word automobile comes from the Greek prefix “auto” (self) and the Latin word “mobilis,” meaning moving. This name has become the generic term for all vehicles that use a motor to make them move.

Vehicles are divided into types according to their purpose, including passenger vehicles, commercial and special-purpose vehicles. Passenger vehicles include cars, buses, taxis and minivans.

Commercial and special-purpose vehicles include trucks, tempos, container cars, fire brigades, ambulances and police vehicles.

There are a number of different styles and models of automobiles, depending on the use. Some examples include sports cars, roadsters, convertibles and hybrids. There are also many different designs of engines. Some have a single engine that powers all four wheels while others have separate engines in the front and rear.