Business Services

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Business services

Business services are activities that assist businesses, yet do not deliver a tangible commodity. They are often considered to be a subset of economic services, and share many of the same characteristics. Business service management is also similar to product management; however, whereas products focus on design and production, business services need to be designed for delivery and consumption.

The most obvious example of a business service is a catering company that provides food for a corporate lunch. Other examples include animal control services that help companies address pest infestations and maintenance service professionals who work to fix broken equipment and troubleshoot technology problems that can prevent employees from being able to get to their work. Tech support services are another business service that is increasingly critical to productivity because they help companies resolve issues quickly and allow employees to stay focused on their work.

When it comes to business services, there is a lot of untapped potential. They contribute 11% of European GDP, but they are vulnerable to the emergence of global digital platforms and a new generation of consumers with different expectations. The EU is trying to improve the competitiveness of business services through new policies such as the Services Directive, which makes it easier for business service providers to operate across borders. The new Directive, together with other EU internal market legislation and policy actions, will make it easier for business service providers to access a wider range of customers, offer more flexible terms and provide better quality services.