Business Services

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Business services

Business services provide value to internal and external customers, supporting strategic objectives and enabling organizations to be agile in dynamic business landscapes. They enable access to specialized expertise, foster innovation, and improve operational efficiency and competitiveness.

A wide range of business services are offered by companies, from consulting and IT services to facilities management and waste handling. The industry is expanding and transforming, with new communication technologies and outsourcing options increasing in popularity as companies seek cost-effective ways to deliver business services and respond to customer demand.

Identifying and defining business services is the first step to successful service delivery. Start by identifying the most critical business transactions that your customers need and define the service offerings to address those needs. Then, link the application services and CIs that support those business services to create a service model. Finally, map the service models to required agreements such as SLAs and OLAs to drive success.

The business services industry is a very large and growing segment of the economy. It is comprised of businesses that provide non-financial business support and services such as advertising, marketing, consultation, logistics (including warehouse management and transportation), staffing services, and facilities management. Businesses are increasingly outsourcing these functions to reduce costs, increase agility, and access specialized expertise. Some of the most popular services offered by this sector include IT services, consulting firms, and advertising agencies. In addition, there is an increased need for value-added warehousing and distribution services, such as sorting bulk goods into customized lots, packaging, order entry and fulfillment, labeling, performing light assembly, and marking prices, all of which are designed to expedite the shipping of products from manufacturers to retailers and consumers.