Hong Kong Lottery

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hongkong lottery

The hongkong lottery is the main lottery game in hong kong and is organized by the hk jockey club. It works just like any other lottery game in that players pick a combination of numbers from one to 49 and if they get all six right then they win the jackpot.

There is also a special bonus number called the extra ball which can be used to win any of the lower division prizes. The hongkong lottery draws are held thrice each week and the prizes can be quite large. The mark 6 lottery is a popular choice in Hong Kong with many people buying tickets to try and win the jackpot.

If no one wins the first prize then it goes into a jackpot pool that rolls over and grows each time until it is won. This has happened before and resulted in some very large jackpot figures. There are also special “snowball” draw jackpot pools on unique holidays and public celebrations that can be much bigger than the thrice weekly draws.

The money raised from the hongkong lottery goes to a number of different charities and community projects in HK. These include sports, healthy living, jobs and employment, entertainment and games as well as the cultivation of culture and arts plus helping and volunteering. In the past decade alone the HKJC has donated more than HK$ 200 MILLION to various community projects. It is one of the largest donors in the world and has helped countless people in need.