How to Get the Most Out of Home Improvement

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Home improvement

Home improvement can be an effective way to add value to your home. However, it can also be costly and time consuming. The best way to minimize these costs and maximize your return on investment is to carefully plan your project and select the right contractor for the job. This article will provide some tips to help you get the most out of your home improvement projects.

Several types of home improvement can increase your property’s resale value, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, roof replacement, and adding a deck or fence. Other improvements, such as replacing your windows, can boost your energy efficiency and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. If you’re considering making a major home improvement, be sure to talk to a real estate professional before you start your project. They can help you understand your local market and what improvements will bring the best return.

According to NerdWallet’s September survey, home improvement spending is on the rise despite the pandemic. Some homeowners are hesitant to hire contractors due to safety concerns, though. The survey found that more than half of respondents wouldn’t let home repair/improvement professionals into their homes due to coronavirus concerns, and three-fourths would only let contractors in if they were wearing masks.

Unless you’re a handy homeowner, it may not be worth it to spend money on home improvements that require professional assistance. But there are plenty of DIY home improvement projects that can make your house feel more like a home without going into debt or running up your credit card balances. Painting, re-grouting tile, and power washing are easy, low-cost ways to give your house a makeover.