How to Write About Issues on Your Blog

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Issues are topics that push people’s buttons, such as a hot-button political issue or an overblown controversy. They can be a great way to generate debate and reader comments on your blog, but they also require careful writing. Avoid making your articles sound like radio talk show rants or antagonistic blog posts, and remember that the goal of an article about an issue is to educate readers about it.

Usage Note: The term issue has been used figuratively since at least the early 20th century to mean a problem or difficulty. When someone says that someone has issues, they are implying that the person has problems with his or her behavior and emotions, such as anger management issues. Some usage experts frown on this figurative use of the word, but others embrace it.

A publication issued at one time by a newspaper, business, or government: The company has issued bonds worth $25 million.

An item, such as a stamp or coin, made available at one time by a post office or other organization: The government issued new coins.

A collection of work related to a project, such as feature proposals, questions, support requests, or bug reports: The Strategic Marketing department uses GitLab to manage projects and track issues. Learn more about using GitLab’s Issues with a free trial.