How to Write an Effective Essay on Social Issues

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Issues are a current topic, sometimes controversial, that is being discussed. They can be as simple as a statement by a celebrity, or as complex as the political climate in the United States.

Write an Essay on Social Issues

Writing about issues can help you hone your research and writing skills, and raise awareness about important social problems that affect people’s lives. The key to a successful essay on social issues is choosing a relevant, manageable topic that can be researched thoroughly and presented in an engaging way.

Selecting a Topic

In selecting an issue to explore, choose one that aligns with your interests and values. Having a personal interest in the topic can make the writing process more enjoyable and can also provide you with a stronger basis for your argument.

Consider the Public’s View of Social Problems

The affordability of health care and drug addiction are two of the most pressing problems facing the country, and a majority of Americans say they’re very big issues. But other concerns, including illegal immigration and climate change, rank less highly on the list of problems viewed by the American public.

Politics and Polarization

The political environment in the United States has become increasingly polarized, according to PEW, with bipartisan groups battling in the courts and legislatures. Despite the partisan divide, the public remains generally positive on many aspects of the country’s economy and society.

However, partisan disagreements on several issues have created an environment where the public is less likely to place a high priority on some of the most significant concerns. These include illegal immigration, climate change and economic inequality.