How to Write Newsworthy Articles

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News is something that catches attention, makes people wonder what it’s about and what the impact might be. It’s a way of conveying information about events that occur in the world, and can be in relation to politics, business, sport, entertainment, culture and many other things. News is usually reported by a variety of media including newspapers, radio and television. It can also be presented in magazines and books.

Generally speaking, News is about something that has happened recently and has been reported for the first time. That means that although an event might be unusual, interesting or significant, it will not qualify as news if it is old. For example, the assassination of Mrs Gandhi is an event that could be newsworthy but it would not have been news if it had been reported days or even weeks ago.

It’s important to understand your audience when writing News as this will dictate how your story is written and which facts are emphasized. Asking the five W’s (who, what, when, where and why) can help you to decide how best to present your News to your readers.

Once you have the main facts of your News outlined, you can then start adding in other details that will give greater insight into the overall story such as quotes from interviews, additional facts and background information. It is also important to cite the sources of your information so that the reader knows where your information comes from – be it an interview, court documents, the Census or a Web site.