How to Write Newsworthy Articles

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News is the information and commentary that makes up the bulk of most people’s daily experience. It is often characterized by its timeliness, the degree of controversy and the magnitude of its impact. It can be about a local event or an international issue, an exciting happening or a sad one. It may be reported in newspapers, magazines, radio, television or the Internet.

Different types of News attract different readers and viewers. Hard News, for example, is what is on the front page of a newspaper or what appears at the top of a website. It involves war, business, crime, natural disasters and political events that affect a wide range of people. Celebrities and the wealthy are also of interest when they are making or losing money, doing unusual things or going through scandals. Health is a common concern for all people, and stories about traditional remedies and medical research, hospitals, clinics and drugs are of interest to most people. Sex is another important area of interest, especially when it relates to behaviour that goes beyond society’s generally accepted norms.

In order to create a successful News article, writers must start by researching the topic thoroughly. They should collect both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources come directly from the subject of the news story and include interviews with those involved, such as a reporter interviewing a firefighter who saved a cat from a fire or talking to a veterinarian about the cat’s health history. Secondary sources are pieces of information collected from other sources and include other media coverage, such as videos or photos.