How to Write Newsworthy Stories for Your Newspaper

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A news story is information about something that has happened recently, that is interesting or significant, and that people want to read about. It is a good idea to focus on stories that affect your readers, but you can also tell a story about something which has happened to someone else, as long as it is newsworthy.

A newspaper contains many different types of news. Some are more important than others, so the editor will decide what is to be given priority. The biggest stories will appear at the top of the bulletin and on Page One, and will be told in detail; lesser news will be given less prominence, and perhaps be buried in the inside pages.

It is not always easy to decide what is newsworthy, and opinions will differ widely. The same event can have very different news values in different societies, for example a farm wall collapse which kills a cow and a pig will probably not be considered to be newsworthy in any society, but if it causes an earthquake which kills thousands of people it could become very big news.

It is usually better to talk about a new or unusual event, rather than an old one, although things which have already happened can still be newsworthy if they are reported for the first time; for example the assassination of Mrs Gandhi was not newsworthy when it happened, but it became newsworthy when some facts about it were made public for the first time.