Human Development and International Organizations

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The development of human beings is a very broad and complex process. It can take place at an individual, group, or national level and encompasses social, economic, political, and technological aspects of life. Human development is also a central concern of many international organizations and their work is often focused on improving the quality of life of people around the world.

A key issue in development is the extent to which a person is active or passive in their own developmental journey. Some theorists like Piaget argued that humans play an active role in their own development while others, like behaviorists, believe that human beings are simply at the whim of their genes and environment.

Another big issue in development is whether a person’s level of development is universal or context specific. Some theorists like Erikson believe that everyone progresses through a certain sequence of developmental tasks, while others, like system theorists, argue that people can develop in different ways depending on their cultural context.