Mental Wellness and Spirituality

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Spirituality is a worldview and way of life that suggests there is more to life than what people experience on a physical and sensory level. It encourages the exploration of one’s own truths and inspires people to embrace themselves and others. It can involve religious traditions centering on belief in a higher power, but it also encourages non-religious ideas of human connection and the universe.

Some spiritual beliefs may include the concept of karma – the idea that the energy we put out into the world will return to us – and the concept of the soul, which has unlimited potential. It also often encourages a sense of awe and wonder.

It can also encourage service to the community, whether through volunteerism or a focus on selfless love. It can also encourage a focus on self-discipline, meditation, or other practices that promote mindfulness and awareness of one’s inner self. Some spiritual communities have rituals that can include certain types of actions or behaviors, but the most important aspect is not so much the specific actions as the intention and heart behind them.

People who are spiritual may be concerned about how their beliefs can affect their mental health. For example, some believe that if they struggle with depression, it could be a sign of God punishing them. Therapists can help clients work through these concerns without interfering with patients’ own spiritual beliefs or creating a conflict between mental wellness and practicing a spiritual path.