Technology: Critical History of a Concept by Eric Schatzberg

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Technology is one of the most lucrative career options for aspiring individuals. It is associated with almost every field, and there are endless possibilities for innovation. It is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors, and to create products that can help your company grow. Moreover, the latest technological upgrades are also helpful in improving employee and customer sales.

In his new book, Technology: Critical History of a Concept, Eric Schatzberg traces the conceptual development of the term. He takes a broad approach, using the term to encompass everything from industrial arts to applied science. He is opposed to the narrow interpretation of ‘technology’ as an instrumentalist concept divorced from culture and, in the words of his manifesto, seeks ‘to liberate technology from pessimists and enthusiasts alike, to rescue it from the idea that it has no moral compass, to restore its place in history and social theory’ (p. 235).

The opening chapter provides step-by-step explanations of the principles that underpin many devices, and original graphics show the different parts of a device and similar ones side by side. The book also explains how to use the different types of input and output devices. Incremental technology seems to be a contradiction in terms, but it is a common practice for companies to make smaller improvements over time that lead to significant improvement of a product. Upgrading software, releasing security patches and making modifications to existing services are all examples of incremental technology.