The Importance of Automobiles

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Automobiles are self-propelled passenger vehicles for transportation, usually with four to eight tires & powered by an internal combustion engine. The branches of engineering which deal with automobiles are known as Automobile Engineering. The automobile is a vital part of modern life and it is nearly impossible to imagine a world without it. It is used for both passenger and commercial transport. It also helps in providing quick access to emergency services during accidents. It also plays an important role in the economic development of the country by creating employment and boosting various ancillary industries.

Automobile accidents are a common occurrence on the road and have been recorded from the earliest times. French inventor Joseph Cugnot crashed his steam-powered vehicle against a wall in 1769 and English inventor Thomas Rickett built the first successful gasoline powered car in 1860. However, the modern automobile–a practical, marketable motorcar for everyday use–was not introduced until 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz patented his Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

From the time of its introduction, the automobile has revolutionized society in many ways and it is the backbone of a new consumer goods-oriented economy. It is the biggest customer of steel and petroleum and also provides one out of six jobs in America.

With the advent of the automobile, work has become faster and more efficient. This is because workers can travel to different places in a short period of time. It has also made the lifestyle of people easier by eliminating the need for them to walk or take public transportation. In addition, it is very convenient to carry large amounts of cargo from place to another. It has also eliminated the hassle of making multiple stops on errands such as dropping off dry cleaning or picking up supplies from the hardware store.