Understanding Fashion Trends

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Fashion is a way of dressing and styling oneself to reflect ones personality. This is not limited to clothes but also includes shoes, bags, accessories and language. It changes with time and is constantly evolving to meet new demands and market needs. It is important to understand that fashion reflects culture, society and the times we live in. It is important to follow the latest trends, but be careful not to become a “fashion victim.” This term describes someone who slavishly follows current fashions and trends without having an individual style or unique expression.

A fashion trend may start when people of high social status wear new or different clothing styles and inspire others to copy their looks. Musicians, athletes, actors and politicians all make their marks in the fashion world. The First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana were both fashion icons who inspired millions of women to emulate their clothing choices. Political revolutions, like the Liberal revolution in America in the 1960’s, influence fashion as well.

The history of Western fashion shows continuous and accelerating change in clothing styles. Historians generally date the beginning of this phenomenon to the late medieval period. This change was stimulated by wars in Europe that drove gentleman officers to seek out foreign styles as examples of proper military bearing and attire.

Fashion trends can also be influenced by the media, social or political events and even climate. For example, a flowy dress becomes popular in summer and non-flowy dresses are popular in winter as temperatures drop. Color themes are often based on season as well. For example, pastel colors are popular in spring while dark or bold colors are fashionable in autumn and winter.