What Is Fashion?

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Fashion is a general term for trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. It can also refer to the broader fashion industry, including design, manufacturing, and marketing. Fashion is influenced by many factors, including social changes, economic conditions, and cultural events. It can also be seen as a form of self-expression and autonomy.

The defining trait of fashion is change. It happens everywhere and at all times, but it is especially noticeable in clothing. This is because of the nature of clothes- they are visible, touchable and readily available. This also means that the newest fashions can be quickly absorbed, adopted and forgotten. Popular fashions can be close to impossible to trace; it may be impossible to know how the bare mid-riffs and baggy pants of hip-hop made it from the streets of New York to the haute couture runways of Paris.

Fashion is the product of the design process, and it is important to learn about the various parts of the fashion industry and its supply chain. This includes designers, pattern cutters, garment and fabric technologists, quality controllers, graders, sample machinists, salespeople, PR and marketing people, retailers and event organizers. It is also important to understand the role of the media and how they can shape or control a particular fashion.