Why is Development Important for a Country?

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A country’s development is measured by its gross national income (GNI) per capita, which reflects the total value of all the goods and services produced in that country. The higher the GNI, the more developed a country is. A country’s level of development is also determined by its education system, literacy rate and life expectancy.

There are only 32 developed countries in the world, meaning that most of the 6.6 billion people who live on the planet are living in developing nations. Developing nations are poorer nations that strive to become more wealthy and more advanced economically and socially than they currently are.

The most obvious reason that development is important for a country is that it improves economic opportunities for the citizens of that country. A country with a well-developed economy is able to sell its goods and services to other countries which in turn gives that country more money that it can invest in its own citizens through wages, jobs, education and healthcare.

In addition, a developed nation is better equipped to defend itself against other countries that might wish to destabilize it or take over parts of its territory. A well-developed country has the resources to employ large armies and more sophisticated technology to defend itself against hostile attacks. This, in turn, gives that country more global influence and power in international politics, which further deters other countries from trying to interfere with it or taking its land.