Why Play a Team Sport?

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Team sport involves a group of people playing a game against each other. It typically includes a lot of running around and is a great way to get some exercise.

It also helps you build social skills that will help you in your everyday life!

Playing a team sport can teach children the importance of hard work and dedication. It also teaches them how to deal with setbacks that will happen in their lives and how to turn those into learning moments.


It is important to communicate with your teammates, coaches and teachers in order to maintain a healthy team atmosphere. This is especially true in sports where you are expected to speak up when you are not happy with your team performance, or ask for feedback.


Group norms are one of the key features that distinguishes a group from a random collection of individuals. They reflect the assumptions that members of a group have concerning what is acceptable behavior for their peers.

They also determine what is considered inappropriate or unacceptable behavior. When members violate group norms, they may be subject to verbal abuse, ostracism, or expulsion from the group.

Athletes must feel included in a training community that supports their development regardless of their skill level. This is important for the development of a sense of belonging and interdependence, which are key factors in developing teamwork (Evans, Eys, & Bruner, 2012).