Why Ride a Motorcycle?

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At their most basic, a motorcycle is a two-wheeled motorized vehicle with an engine, steering and braking. But since their invention, the world of motorcycles has grown far beyond the simple. Whether it’s the thrill of the open road, a sense of freedom or a community that’s strong as steel, there are many reasons why people choose to ride.

The practical reasons are obvious: bikes are much cheaper than cars (both to buy initially and in running costs); require a fraction of the space that a car takes up when parked; and are far more efficient on fuel. But even more importantly, they are a lot of fun! Motorbikes are dynamic, involving vehicles, which means that the rider’s body is an integral part of the machine. This makes for a much more exciting experience than simply driving a car.

From the very beginning, riding a motorcycle was a social activity: clubs and organizations were formed around the country, based on both location and type of bike. Even during WWI, when most motorcycle activities were canceled and many riders were away in the military, clubs kept forming to discuss issues affecting the biker community.

Modern motorcycles also incorporate a range of safety systems that help keep the rider safe. These include traction control systems that prevent the bike from slipping or sliding, which could result in a crash; and automatic headlights that stay on all the time, ensuring other vehicles can see you. Of course, the best safety system is still your brain. Always wear a helmet and make sure you’re not under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including some prescribed medications) when riding – these substances can dramatically affect your judgment, balance, coordination, throttle control, and ability to respond quickly to other motorists or pedestrians.