Writing About Issues

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An issue is a topic or controversy that people are arguing about. Politicians say they want to talk about the issues. A person who has issues is someone who has problems, usually emotional ones.

The original meaning of the word was “to put something out,” like a celebrity issuing a statement or the post office issuing new stamps. It can also mean “a matter of importance” or “a subject in dispute.” The United Nations has many important issues that it addresses, from conflict resolution to peacekeeping to education and women’s rights.

When writing an issue-oriented article, it is important to balance your opinion with facts. If all of your opinion is presented, your readers will not be able to form their own opinions about the subject. You should also avoid using stereotypes or putting your subjects in an unflattering light. For example, you should never write about a starving African woman who wanders around her refugee camp nearly naked and waits for the benevolence of the West. Instead, you should use more detailed descriptions to give your readers an opportunity to imagine what it’s really like there.

When researching an issue, it’s a good idea to interview as many sources as possible. This will give you a more balanced view of the situation and help you to write an informed article. You should also make sure to include the contact information for all of your sources so that your readers can learn more about the topic and discuss it with others.