Writing About Issues

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The problem at hand:

The word issue is used to refer to a current topic, sometimes controversial, that people are talking about. When someone says that they want to discuss the issues, they mean that they want to talk about the big problems that are important right now. For example, a politician might say that they want to discuss the issues of the day, such as tax reform or foreign policy. Another use of the word is when it is used to refer to a personal problem that a person has: A woman who picks fights might have anger management issues.

A number of different uses for the word issue can confuse writers, so it is important to make sure that you are using the correct form of the word when you are writing. For example, if you are a political journalist and you write an article about the foreign policy of your country, it would be incorrect to use the term issue when referring to the fact that your country is in debt or that the population is growing rapidly.

When it comes to writing articles, it is important to focus on a single issue. This will help you keep your articles on target and will also give your readers a clear picture of what you want to tell them. If you are writing an environmental article, for example, you should choose a specific aspect of the overall issue that you want to write about: whether it is canned lion hunting, climate change or plastic pollution.