Writing About Issues

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An issue is a topic that is of concern, usually one that is controversial. In politics, politicians often say that they want to discuss the “real issues” rather than personal attacks on each other. The word is also used in reference to documents that are issued by a company, organization or government agency, such as a new bond issue or an updated employee handbook.

Writing about issues involves thorough research, and it is important to find accurate information that supports your position. When possible, cite your sources to give credit to those who have contributed to your understanding of the issue. This practice will help build credibility and demonstrate your willingness to acknowledge others’ work.

The theoretical framework is a critical part of your article because it guides the reader through gaps in previous literature and provides a foundation for your own argument. Unlike a literature review, which summarizes what has been done, the theoretical framework explains how your analysis fits into the existing body of knowledge.

A good title is an integral part of your article, so take time to consider the possibilities for a compelling headline. Choose a title that is concise, informative and relevant to your audience. A title that is too long or overly vague will make the reader lose interest in your article, regardless of the quality of your arguments.