Writing About Issues

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An issue is a topic or controversy that is being discussed. It can be a serious matter, such as the economy or war, or it can be a personal problem, like someone who has anger issues. The word issue is also used to describe something that has been put out or issued, such as a newspaper, stamps, or a book. Politicians often say that they want to talk about the issues, rather than their personal lives.

When writing an article about an issue, be sure to use factual information to support your argument. Avoid presenting biased opinions that will cause people to reject your viewpoints. If you are arguing that something is wrong, try to come up with practical suggestions for making it right.

For example, if you are writing about the Covid-19 pandemic, you might describe how schools were closed for a month and that some students took gap years as they waited for classes to reopen. This will help readers understand the full impact of the pandemic and will make it less likely that they will dismiss your article as a biased report.

The same principle applies to other topics and articles, such as troubleshooting. If you are describing how to resolve an error message, for instance, each step of the process should be explained. The article should not become a list of four different methods to fix the problem.

The word issue is also commonly used in idioms to refer to problems or difficulties. For example, a person who is always fighting with his boss may be described as having “issues.” While some people frown upon this usage, it is becoming increasingly common.