How to Write About Issues

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Issues are current happenings around the world that are causing problems for people. They can be things like pollution, poverty, lack of education etc. You can learn to write articles about issues by reading about them and then writing about them yourself.

Biodiversity: The loss of even a single species can impact the whole ecosystem and can lead to a variety of other issues such as increased climate change, decreased food security, and lower health outcomes for humans. This issue is a result of human activity such as overpopulation, agriculture and industrial energy production.

Children: A large number of world issues – from pandemics to climate change to water scarcity to poverty – have a huge impact on children. This includes huge spikes in hunger, disrupted education and limited healthcare access. In addition, children are often disproportionately affected by sexism and other discrimination.

Poverty: There are billions of people in the world living in extreme poverty, meaning they don’t have enough money to afford essentials such as food, shelter and medical care. Poverty can also cause other problems such as unemployment and conflict.

Violence: There are many forms of violence, from domestic abuse to mass shootings. Whether it’s directed towards women or LGBTQ+ individuals, or as a response to economic stress, it is one of the most complex and difficult global issues to tackle.

Start by researching the issues that push your audience’s buttons. Create a file folder with the issues that interest you and start collecting articles, facts, statistics, names of key players and so on. Then, decide on your opinion about the issue and write it as a single sentence in your article.