What is a Hobby?

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A hobby is an activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time. It is typically done for enjoyment, relaxation and/or learning new skills or facts. Often times hobbies are creative or artistic in nature such as painting or a craft like origami but can also be physically active such as playing sports.

Some hobbies may result in a physical product such as woodworking, sewing, making jewelry, gardening and canning. Others may produce an intellectual or creative product such as writing, photography, coding, art, music and cosplay (creating, wearing and displaying costumes based on an existing creative property). Some hobbies include collecting objects or activities that you enjoy doing or have an interest in. Hobbies can also be social activities such as playing board games or hosting a movie night.

Hobbies can even help you make money such as selling crafts, blogging or offering services like dog walking. Sometimes a hobby can become a full-time job and in those cases, it is considered a business and you would need to pay taxes on any income generated from that activity.

There are many benefits of having a hobby and it is important to find one that you can actually enjoy doing. Trying new activities can be a great way to build relationships with friends and can improve your mental health by creating new neural pathways in the brain. It’s also an opportunity to learn new skills, challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.