What is a Hobby?

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Hobbies are activities people engage in outside of work for enjoyment and self-expression. Typically, people choose hobbies they are passionate about or find interesting. People tend to engage in hobbies for a variety of reasons including relaxation, skill-building, contributing to society and other benefits. Hobbies have become popular during industrialization as workers are able to set aside more time for leisure and hobbies provide an escape from the stress of everyday life. Children are a particularly important group of hobbyists as they have an interest in collecting and making things as well as the energy to pursue them.

The word hobby is derived from the Latin hbbi, meaning “to please” or “to enjoy”. It has also been connected to a miniature horse or pony called a hobbyhorse that was used as a toy by children. Hobbies can be casual where the activity is infrequent or short-lived or serious where the activity is regularly undertaken with a goal in mind.

A hobby can be a way to express one’s creativity, develop specific skills or meet new people. Developing a creative hobby such as drawing or painting, taking photos, scrapbooking can be relaxing and help with mental health. It is a good idea to try out a few different hobbies to see what one really likes.

Hobbies can often be the same as skills and the more skilled you are in a hobby, the more enjoyment you get from it. For example, playing the piano is a hobby for many people and also a skill.